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Creating Your Digital Business Card (vCard)

Digital Business Cards (vCards) on Personal Hub 360+

You may reference the demos provided for ideas on how you can craft your perfect virtual business card.

Setting Up Your vCard

To set up your first digital business card (vCard), navigate to ‘vCards Management’ -> ‘Add vCard’.

Managing your vCard

Under Manage, there are several fields to customise your vCard:

  1. Information – For template selection, input of key vCard details such as contact number, social media links or website links.
  2. Colors – Customise your icon colours, vCard theme colours.
  3. Preferences – Set fields you would like to appear on your very own vCard (e.g. About, Projects, Services, Enquiry form, etc). Turn them off here if you do not want any section to appear on your vCard.
  4. Services / Projects – Showcase your works, services, projects or gallery you have.
  5. Testimonials – Showcase employer or client testimonials you have.
  6. About & Video – Enter information about yourself or your company. Add a video to showcase yourself or your company!
  7. Edit Keywords – Change the header titles of your vCards (e.g. change ‘Projects’ header to ‘Portfolio).
Creating a QR Code

Firstly, get the link to your vCard by going to ‘vCards Management’ -> ‘vCards’ -> ‘URLs’ button. Copy the URL.

Under ‘QR Codes’ -> ‘Generate QR Code’, paste the URL of your vCard. Proceed to customize your QR code.

You may save the QR code and it can be found under ‘QR Codes’ -> ‘Saved QR Codes’, and it can be downloaded at any time.

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