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Digital Business Cards and 4 reasons to use them

Paper business cards have for the longest time served as the staple networking tool. We all know how it works, don’t we? You meet a potential client, initiate a conversation, strike when it’s hot by offering your business card in exchange for theirs and voila, you have laid the foundation for effective networking!
An example of a smart business card by personal hub 360+
However, in a world that is currently dominated with virtual meetings and social distancing regulations, paper business cards have become obsolete. With most businesses embracing digital technologies in a post-pandemic world, smart business cards combined with digital business cards have begun currying more favour than their predecessor.
A digital business card, as the name suggests, is the virtual or online version of its paper counterpart. If you need reasons to convince you to make the switch from a paper business card, let us give you four:
1. Digital Business cards are convenient
Imagine a scenario where you’re at an important meeting or a business conference. You’re about to dig into your pocket and offer the opposite person your business card when you realise, you’ve run out of them! Or that you’ve forgotten to bring one. With a smart business card connected to your digital business card you will never find yourself in a sticky situation like this. They are convenient to carry because you can easily store them on your mobile phones, a device that we just don’t leave our homes without.
A person holding a phone with a digital business card displayed on the screen.
Digital business cards make for a hassle-free experience as you can edit or update the information on your card on the go. Moreover, as face-to-face networking has gotten increasingly difficult due to the global pandemic, digital business cards can make sharing of information a seamless process through QR codes and direct links.
2. Digital Business Cards are eco-friendly

Here’s a not-so-fun fact for you: 7.2 million trees are cut down each year to make business cards and they end up contributing to more waste each year. If there is anything we have learnt in the last few years, it is that sustainability is the name of the game. Several industry bigwigs like Nike, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Ikea etc have minimised their resource footprint and moved towards creating a greener supply chain.

Digital cards make for a great sustainably initiative as they don’t require as many resources to make. The switch to a digital business card would show a real commitment to adopting eco-friendly alternatives for you and your business.

3. Digital Business Cards are economical
Printing multiple paper business cards or updating information on the card, can cost a lot. That is money you could have allocated elsewhere in your business. A digital business card, on the other hand, requires a minimal one-time payment. If you are looking for economical options, Personal Hub 360+ offers affordable annual and lifetime plans covering your various needs.
4. Digital Business Cards enhance corporate branding

Digital business cards can serve as an important starting point for your corporate rebranding efforts. It sends out a message that your business is ready to keep up with a changing world that is becoming increasingly digitised. This makes it easier for you to create a good first impression amongst prospective clients and lets your existing clients know they are in good hands.

How do I get a Digital Business Card?

If you are looking to create a Digital Business Card, Personal Hub 360+ has got you covered with their Virtual Business Card (vCard). Whether it’s for you or your business, create a great looking business card in no time.

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Virtual is the new normal and it’s time to jump on that bandwagon.

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