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Here’s Why You Need a Personal Website

We know what you’re thinking. A personal website? Why would I need one? Aren’t websites meant for brands, businesses and organisations? That’s a common misconception.

Let’s say your name is John Doe and you’re a freelance writer. You have a few social media accounts scattered across the internet but that’s all there is to your online presence. If a prospective client were to search for your services, there can be two scenarios. One, your name shows up on the Google SERP along with a thousand other John Doe’s. That would make it highly inconvenient for a client to narrow you down which isn’t doing you any favours. Two, your name just doesn’t show up! Out of sight, out of…you get the drift!

But you know what would negate these two scenarios? A personal website. Whether you’re a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, a job searcher, a content creator or a freelancer, a personal website is a great way to build your online presence and showcase your expertise to the world.

Here are a few reasons why you should stop everything you’re doing and create a personal website right now:

Personal website example
1. It helps with Personal Branding

On any social platform, for instance LinkedIn, everyone who signs up is forced to follow a uniform format. While it does have its own benefits, it doesn’t allow you to be creative.

Your personal website, however, is a visual representation of who you are. You have the creative freedom to decide the theme, formatting and placement of various elements. Therefore, it’s easier for your personality and vision to shine through. A well-designed website will attract the more visitors and become synonymous with your identity which strengthens your personal brand.

2. It’s more engaging than a Résumé

A personal website centralizes all relevant information pertaining to you such as your contact information, social media profiles, digital portfolio of your work, testimonials of people who have worked with you and so on. Website visitors can easily navigate between different webpages making it a more dynamic and visual experience as opposed to viewing a physical resume.

It’s also easier to update a website than rewrite and print new versions of a resume. Alternatively, you can choose to go for a digital resume and provide a link for the same on your website for a concise summary of your professional expertise. Find out how you can set up your digital CV on Personal Hub 360+ here.

2. It helps recruiters / clients find you easily

Did you know that 98% of employers conduct online research to know more about potential candidates? Well now you do. And you absolutely do not want to repeat John Doe’s mistake! A personal website aggregating your contact information, social media handles, portfolio, testimonials etc can help you stand out from the crowd and make for a great first impression.

How a personal website helps you get found

When you create a website with Personal Hub 360+, you can input SEO information in your settings to ensure your personal website ranks high on Google’s SERP. The more convenient you make it for clients and recruiters to find you, the easier it would be for them to interact with you/your work, thereby helping you form new connections from all over the world and increasing your chance of getting hired by the right people.


Creating your Personal Website with Personal Hub 360+

If good ol’ John Doe had a distinct website listing down his services and displaying his writing portfolio, he would be scoring clients instead of lending his name as an unfortunate example in this blog piece. Something to think about isn’t it?

If you want to build your personal website, Personal Hub 360+ is at your service. It’s easy to set up and you don’t need any prior coding knowledge. Input your details, select from two different themes and you’re good to go. Yes, it’s that easy! Click here to learn how to create your personal website on Personal Hub 360+.

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