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What does Personal Branding mean?

When we think of Tesla, we immediately think of Elon Musk so much so that he has become the face of the company. The brand’s popularity, reputation and expertise have become intrinsically connected to his. That is the power of personal branding.

Personal branding is a marketing approach wherein you intentionally create and influence public perception of an individual by reflecting upon their unique experience, knowledge, and expertise.

But personal branding is just for C-suite executives isn’t it? If I’m not in a position of power like Elon Musk, should I still care about personal branding? The answer is, absolutely yes! It’s a common misconception that personal branding concerns only the higher-ups. Quite the contrary. For instance, personal branding is equally if not more important for employees as well. Companies that invested in the personal branding initiatives of their employees found that employees were 27% more hopeful about their company, 20% more likely to stay, and 40% more likely to believe in the competitiveness of their employer. This, in turn, results in a boost in corporate branding and reputation.

So to put it simply: personal branding is for anyone and everyone! Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting into the personal branding game:

Personal Branding helps create a good first impression

Having a personal brand can help you establish a strong online presence and increase the visibility and recall value of your name. Even before someone has met you in person, they know who you are and what you stand for. And in the professional world, first impressions are everything. When people know you well, it’s a lot easier for them to trust and appreciate your expertise and knowledge.

Personal Branding helps build a loyal community

Personal Branding Helps Build a Loyal Community

Personal Branding helps you grow a community that actively engage, follow and share your content. Robyn Rihanna Fenty capitalised on the fame and power of her personal brand ‘Rihanna’ to launch Fenty Beauty which became a global success. Her brand wasn’t built overnight. It took years of hardwork for her to build a loyal following and once she did, she was able to launch businesses that her audience embraced with open arms and were able to greatly benefit from.

77% of all discussions on social media are people seeking advice, information, or help. When you consistently share snippets of information that is useful to your target audience and accurately reflects your personality and knowledge, you create a loyal following of people who are willing to take action on anything you have to offer.

Personal Branding establishes you as an industry expert.

When you are passionate about your work and well-versed in the latest trends in your industry, it reflects in your brand and the content you go on to produce. Marques Brownlee began his YouTube journey by reviewing simple electronic gadgets and accessories. Today, his channel has over 15 million subscribers and his audience almost always awaits his opinion on the latest tech products. He has garnered so much popularity in his industry that he’s even conducted interviews with the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Gates!

Personal Branding helps with networking

Personal Branding can Help with Networking

There is a reason why brands collaborate with celebrities, influencers and sportspersons. There is a reason why headhunters only approach certain people. There is a reason why clients select certain freelancers over others. To capitalise on their personal brand. A strong personal brand pique’s the interest of the press, clients, investors, and employers. This can help you build a network of professionals who are more than willing to work with you or hire you for important projects.

Personal Hub 360+ can help you build a personal brand

Creating a personal brand is no mean feat. But with Personal Hub 360+ it can be an absolute breeze. Our platform offers you a range of tools that can lay the foundation for a strong and effective personal brand. Some of our offerings include:

Whether you’re a corporate executive, entrepreneur, job searcher, artist, content creator, or freelancer; our platform caters to all. You don’t need any prior technical or design skills to get started on your personal branding with Personal Hub 360+. So let’s not waste any more time and begin by putting a face to your name!

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