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About Hub360+

More Than Just A Messenger


Actions speak louder than words? We agree. Therefore, Hub360+ enables transforming words into action.

Our Goal?Making Life Simpler. Making Life Happier.

#1 Chat Experience
AIoT Technology
Ultra Secure
The Technology

Messaging + AIoT Technology

Messaging AIoT

Hub360+ enables the use of messaging to communicate with IoT devices, through Generative AI NLP. Use cases range from Personal Smart Devices to Industrial use.

Messaging People

Hub360+ incorporates many advanced convenient messaging features to enhance your personal life & social life. All smartly packaged with a familiar, secure & simple messaging user experience.

All-in-one Messenger

Highly Advanced Technology...

Coming Soon!

Hang with your best friends

Get closer family ties

Focus your work chats

Search & Join Business Chat Rooms

Create memories with School

CardHub360 - Digital Name Card

Find & Join Interest Groups

Stay updated on News

Talk/Connect with businesses

Business Profiles

Organized Contacts Categorization

In-chat events, tasks, reminders

Revolutionary AIoT - Talk to Smart Objects!

All core messaging features

Command your Apps through messages

Manage Calendars / Reminders / Tasks through messages

Create virtual avatars

Search & Join Community Chat Rooms

Ultimate AI Personal Assistant Tool

Yes, Hub360+ can do all of that, but we have packaged all these advanced features into an optimal user experience to make things so simple, yet secure.

...Yet Easy to Use Features.

Core User Features

Key Messaging Features

What you get on existing messaging apps you currently use, is what you will get with Hub360+ as well.

Advanced Chat Management

Capability to segment, filter your contacts and chats according to your life (e.g. Family, Friends, Work, SmartHome, etc).

Hub360+ AIoT Technology

Command any of your apps or smart things just by messaging it. Having a party or going to sleep? Tell your smart home and it prepares itself!

In-chat events, tasks and reminders

Do you have people that tend to 'forget' about appointments or always late? Now you can set up events, tasks and reminders within chat!

Interact with Apps Using Messages

Ask your calendar about your schedule or command it to add events. Command your clock to add an alarm. The possibilities are endless.

Ecosystem of Mini-Apps

An ecosystem of mini-applications using messaging to enhance user experiences, by allowing interactivity through messages.


Enterprise-ready digital name card solution for professionals and companies from all walks of life.

Community Chat Rooms

A directory of categorized chat rooms you can search for. Join to connect with like-minded people or get daily updates.

Hubbly - Your Virtual AI Assistant

Hubbly is a generative AI who comes with many pre-trained models you can interact with - fitness, sports, arts, career, travel, dating, etc.

Hub360+ Universe

A virtual world with activities that closely mimics real life for anyone to explore. Powered by Hub360+ proprietary Web3 Technology.

Business Features

Business Profiles

Creation of business profiles for legitimate businesses or influential people. Brings about access to organizational features.

Business Profile - Feed

Business profiles have messaging feeds functionality - that allow sharing of content to their profile subscribers.

Business to Consumer Chat

A simple, agent-based, business to consumer functionality that allows for seamless customer interactions.

Intra-organization Collaboration

Add users to your organization and enable internal communications & collaborations, that is separate from personal use.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Command and control IIoT with messaging. Reduce training costs, human error with instant insights using Hub360+ AIoT technology.

Ecosystem of Mini-Apps

Further enhance your user/client experience by integrating your product's key functionalities into messaging.


Enterprise-ready digital name card solution for companies to easily manage card templates, employee details, etc.

Community Chat Rooms

Community chat rooms for customer engagement, content creation and growing a follower base.

Generative AI Tools

AI Chats for many use case. Writing, Content Creation, Analysis or simply Chats with various AI ‘personalities’ as your virtual assistant.

... and many more!

Give us your feedback on what you would like to see on your messaging apps. Let's revolutionise connectivity, organise lives and inspire joy!


Based in Singapore

The most trusted place in the world technologically, socially, economically & politically.

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