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Introducing Hub360+
The next generation of Messaging
About Hub360+
Generally, people are multi-dimensional creatures as we play many roles in our lives - in family, work, friends, shoppers, and more. While we play multiple personas, don't you think life would be easier if we could better detail & organize the people we connect with?
User Features
❶ CardHub360: NFC and virtual card solution
❷ Detailed contact fields for multiple personas
❸ In-chat events, tasks, and reminders
❹ AI-enabled vCard and name card scanner
❺ 360-degree images and video supported
❻ Includes all core messaging features
Business Features
❶ CardHub360 - NFC and virtual card solution
❷ Business to customer chat and broadcasting
❸ Allow user subscriptions to your business
❹ Internal communications, collaboration tool
❺ Generative (GPT, Media, Analysis) AI Tools
AI & Metaverse
Hub360+ offers users the opportunity to explore a captivating virtual world, which is further enhanced by AI technology that can recommend real-world places based on user preferences and virtual world exploration. As a result, it is easier for users to discover new experiences both online and offline. Join us as we bring digital messaging to life with web 3.0 technologies together!
CardHub360 has been launched since Jan 2022 with over 500 users across 7 countries.

Concurrently, the ultimate goal is to launch Hub360+ by 3Q 2023
The Hub360+ Experience
Our focus is on investing in our users' experience instead of traditional marketing campaigns, that only sends money to already wealthy corporations/individuals. The Hub360+ approach promises a thriving community of active and dedicated users.

Our gamification strategy - which includes rewards such as events and experiences, comes alongside features like leaderboards and challenges.

All of this adds an element of fun and competition to the user experience, encouraging more engagement and connections with others. More importantly, this approach results in users enjoying the app and reaping benefits (that cannot be found elsewhere) to the fullest potential.
Global CSR Initiative
We are plannning a global CSR initiative aligned with UN's 17 sustainable development goals. The initiative involves promoting sustainable practices, building infrastructure, and supporting underprivileged communities through education and job training, among other things.

Ultimately, we aim to use our platform to encourage positive change and create a better future for all.
Contact Us
Feel free to contact us for any enquiries / suggestions about Hub360+, investor opportunities, or to register your interest in early access. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is committed to providing support and answering your questions, as we are committed to improving your chat messaging experience
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